… FAR FAR From It!!

In the latest issue of Maker Quarterly Publication Issue #6 by Mohawk Paper — there is an article about the durability and archivability of digital versus paper media. Needless to say once again paper comes out on top. Way on top. Archive quality paper which is specialty treated to last over a century is still more durable than any of the mediums humans have invented since. Even the most stable state hard drive or servers have a shelf life of 4-8 years. Not to mention all of the environmental factors that have to go right in order for you to retrieve that information. With good ol’ paper, pen or pencil all you need are it and your eyes. Below is a link to the article and as soon as I finish uploading the rest of my portfolio I will be scanning in the awesome infographic they supplied with the article — in print.

Article Link: What is Ephemeral? by Bryn Mooth

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